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Robots is our passion

We have implemented more than 100 successful projects. Among them: Alan Tim robot — Deputy Head of the Department of Robotics of the Moscow Technological University, who became media persona.

Do not limit your imagination!

We will help you to choose the robot according to your preferences and finances


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    Flexible lease terms and free delivery
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    Our robots can be anyone
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    Robots are in good mood 24 hours a day
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    Customers come themselves to robot
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    Sincere reaction of visitors to your product
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    Will distinguish you among the competitors
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Roboshop offers

robot can replace
a sales person in store
Robot is not only able to help customers to choose among the goods in your store, but also to accept payments via credit card and issue receipts.
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Robot can tell
about your products
and services
Robot is able to process all of the data uploaded to it, and advise customers on any of your services, helping customers to choose the most suitable option.
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robot will help
not to get lost
Robot can show customers where what they need is located, and accompany them there, making sure they don’t get lost.
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robot can be
an actual
Robot can give a tour, telling about each of the exhibits and responding to questions.
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robot can register
your visitors
Place robot at the entrance, and it will remember all of your visitors, check their documents, check against the list of invitees, and help to find the right office! If a person is not in the list, robot will contact those to whom such person came to verify the existence of the arrangement.
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robot for your celebration
Robot is an innovative entertainer and stand-up comedian: it can show video, give a riddle to solve, read poetry, rap, sing a song, and even raise a toast! Your guests will be delighted!
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robot for
The robot will lecture on any topic, gladly advise your guests and staff, and you will be able to use the report on the people’s response for research purposes.
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robot will be whoever
you decide it to be
Promobot V.3 is a universal robotic platform, so you can program it to suit your needs as you see fit
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compare the robots and choose the one that is right for you!

Promobot V.2

Charming robot that can answer any question, tell an anecdote, or sing a song. When it sees a new friend, its eyes flash with red hearts. Able to take pictures.

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Dimensions — 150 × 60 × 60 cm Battery life on a single charge — 8 hours Estimated travel speed — 3 km / h Battery — 75 A / h Full-charge time — 12 hours Number of speech modules — 200 Number of recorded people — more than 10,000 Number of consulting requests — more than 10,000 Pronunciation of speech modules — with a synthesized voice Arbitrary movement — available Printer for printing photos — available Speaker — 44 Watt Monitor — 10 inch touchscreen Movement of the head — rotation in two planes Movement of the torso — not available Robotic arms — movement in one plane Camera — 1280 × 720 resolution, 30 frames per second Microphone — omnidirectional Sensors - ultrasonic (8 pcs.), infra-red (4 pcs.)

Promobot V.3

Mobile and graceful robot that can not only communicate with your customers on any topic, but also take pictures of them. In addition, Promobot V.3 is able to accept payments via plastic card and issue a receipt.

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Dimensions — 160×75×80 cm Body Material — plastic Color — white Battery life on a single charge — 8 hours Battery — 75 A / h Full-charge time — 12 hours Estimated travel speed — 3 km / h Drive unit — 3 OMNI-wheel Robotic arm — 2 units, rotation in 6 planes Touch sensors — available Movement of the head — rotation in three planes Movement of the torso — rotation in three planes Arbitrary movement — available Camera — 1/2.8”, (25) 30 frames per second Resolution 1 920×1 080 Microphone — omnidirectional Speakers — 2 units, 25 watts Monitor — 10 inch touchscreen Ultrasonic sensors — 13 units Number of speech modules — 200 Number of recorded people — more than 10,000 Number of consulting requests — more than 10,000 Pronunciation of speech modules — with a synthesized voice Printer for printing photos — available Payment terminal and printer for printing receipts — available

robot for lease

Promobot V.2, V.2+
580 €
4060 € 2800 €
8600 € 6300 €
Promobot V.3
800 €
3800 €
8600 €

The lease terms are not limited by the Price List.
We can execute any custom order.


want to keep robot forever?
buy it!

We offer you purchase any of our robots
with a customized set of options

  • Promobot V.2

    14800 € features of the robot
    • Face Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    • Generation of answers to common questions and maintaining conversation
    • Random movement
    • Arbitrary pronunciation of inviting speech modules
    • Remote control
    See the Price List
  • Promobot V.2+

    14900 € features of the robot
    • Face Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    • Generation of answers to common questions and maintaining conversation
    • Random movement
    • Arbitrary pronunciation of inviting speech modules
    • Remote control
    + system of automatic approach to people and movement within a specified radius See the Price List
  • Promobot V.3

    19900 € features of the robot
    • All of the features of Promobot V.2+
    + switching between different behavior patterns, payment for goods and services via credit card, printing of receipts, giving out of flyers and business cards, male and female version of the robot are available See the Price List
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happy clients of roboshop

Evgeny Pluzhnik
First Vice-Rector of MTI, General
Director of the Moscow Business School
Our robot performs a number of professional tasks in the Robotics Department, such as collection of data on the interaction of biological and technical objects, recording of communication reactions of humans and robots in a variety of situations, accumulation of data for analysis. These data will help in the development of new versions of the robots.
Olga Volkova
I found a friend ... He is sociable, sweet, and when he looks at me, he has hearts in the eyes.
He can confess his love, read poetry, tell the news, and much more. This is not just a robot, it is a new employee of the Moscow Technological University.
Maria Makhotina
Employee of the Moscow Technological University
in an interview with Zvezda TV channel
The future is becoming a reality before our very eyes. Artificial intelligence is now working with us.
Yuliya Abdrashitova
Selfies in a robot — this is something new. I finally met «Navigator» yacht club through this nice and sociable robot.
Anastasia Kozyreva
Employee of the Moscow Technological University on Vmeste-RF TV channel
Woke up being stars with MTI robot.
Ekaterina Startseva
MTI robot is a true man, despite the fact that it is robot. It says: «When I meet on my way a fine half of mankind, I demonstrate my love. I’m the perfect robot! »
Mikhail Tsarikov
MTI robot made crazy furor in late winter by its appearance. Its employment at the high post in the Moscow Technological University was covered by a lot of TV channels and newspapers.


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